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Insurance Appraiser

Appraisers do not require a license, but you should choose a candidate that can refer you to many happy clients since Appraisal Awards are final and binding on all parties.

Appraisals cost both the insurer and the insured money, so choosing an Appraiser that is not just results-oriented but also well-respected in the industry is very important. 

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Insurance Appraiser

How I Help

Most insurance adjusters have never been to an Insurance Appraisal before. It is a low cost, efficient system in place to settle quantum disputes between an insurer and its policyholder(s). It isn’t a perfect system, but the process is less adversarial than court, quicker to get to, and is binding on both parties.

When choosing an Appraiser, be represented by someone that can speak to ALL coverages of your claim. A contractor probably isn’t a good fit for your Business Interruption loss, and a lawyer likely can’t help much with quantifying your Contents claim.

My expertise allows me to provide the utmost care and attention to detail. As your Insurance Appraiser, I will:

  • Review claims file documentation
  • Meet & recommend appraisal experts
  • Select the most appropriate umpire
  • Prepare an appraisal brief and attend any appraisals in-person (or other COVID-approved scenarios as necessary)

Why Choose Karma?


I am FULLY licensed and am a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP). Lawyers don’t do what I do, and neither do contractors.

Trained & Experienced

I get the sense that many Adjusters are either Trained or Experienced - I AM BOTH. That’s why I cost your insurance company money!

Dedicated, Personal Service

I think most Adjusters are overworked but you shouldn’t be penalized for that. I try to manage my workload so that you feel like you’re my only claim.

Locally Owned & Operated

Let’s face it - our Canadian flag rocks. From pricing jobs, to conducting meetings, to knowing who’s who in the industry, local knowledge and ownership is better for you and your claim.

Proven Track Record

If I offer my help, it’s because I feel I can correct some mistakes, right some wrongs, fill some gaps, and deliver true, measurable value. And that’s what I’ve done every time!

Peace of Mind

The claims process can be very long and very stressful. Having Karma in your corner should alleviate both of those things. I will always work for you and make recommendations that I feel benefit you, not the insurer.

Testimonials Section


Carolyn was clearly more knowledgeable than our adjusters!

After our flood, the insurer was not honest with us and made us feel trapped by telling us we had no other options but theirs. Thanks to Carolyn's experience and professionalism we ended up with a favourable outcome - Carolyn saved us.

Belinda & Willie Hosey, Georgina, ON

Having Carolyn in my corner was the best decision I made!

When my claim was going to be denied Carolyn worked her magic and proved the loss was an accident and settled the claim. She went above and beyond and never gave up.

Gary McAllister, Markham, ON

Carolyn increased my settlement beyond my expectations!

The insurer lowballed my loss by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Carolyn helped me get it all paid. She was patient, professional, and a master negotiator. The insurer wasn't happy, but that's karma for you!

Lily Sotiriadi, Richmond Hill, ON

Carolyn uncovered mistakes & maximized our settlement!

Carolyn is a friend of mine so calling her for advice was a no-brainer. But advice turned into action: She maximized our claim settlement and protected our biggest asset: Our Home.

Nicolle & Jamie Funk, Courtice, ON

Karma is a wonderful thing!

I've seen Carolyn in action dozens of times, and as a professional in this industry, I can say without a doubt she's top in her field. If you need help with your property claim, get Karma on your side!

Rory MacKinnon, Tiny, ON

Karma raises the standard in public adjusting!

I recently met Carolyn on a fire claim. Carolyn is professional, smart, and speaks to everyone with respect. Plus, her policy knowledge is amazing. She's almost too good to be true!

Alex Edwards, Toronto, ON

After just one phone call, we all felt better!

We learned more from Carolyn in one hour than in 12 months with the insurance company's adjuster. Carolyn was a good listener and gave us immediate comfort. Just wish we'd called sooner!

Lisa Ferguson, London, ON

Carolyn was fair but firm and got results!

Carolyn contacted our insurer, met their adjuster, convened meetings, and got us paid. She quadrupled our settlement. If you need a Public Adjuster, call Carolyn for sure!

Katherine Spott, Newmarket, ON

Carolyn was instrumental on my claim

Carolyn sent over a restoration company to quote the real cost of repairs. My insurer accepted it and I could fix my home properly.

Geoff Armstrong, Aurora, ON

Without Carolyn’s help I’d be in debt

Carolyn helped me navigate my insurance appraisal. Her expertise helped me attain a much larger settlement that what the insurer was willing to pay.

Johnny Dawaj, London, ON

Carolyn’s advice was perfect

I consulted with Carolyn after a small basement flood. She reviewed my policy and gave me pointers to ensure all the damages were accounted for and paid by the insurance company.

Greg Curmenska, Aurora, ON

Carolyn didn’t hesitate to help!

After city road work flooded my friend’s basement, Carolyn called her with referrals to get it rectified and covered by insurance. It was exactly the peace of mind my friend needed!

Liz Walker, Barrie, ON

A car crashed through our building

Carolyn has helped me before, so I called her again. She reviewed my policy and helped me get 100% of the cost of damages.

Corey Gambon, Toronto, ON

Karma is here to help!

If you need an expert on your insurance claim, Karma Adjusting is here for you. I'll help you get what you deserve.

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